Fly Fishing Mystery Wednesday

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John Montana from CARP ON THE FLY put up some serious numbers in 2014, Read more about his 2014 Carp Season HERE


Can you name the movie that fabulously raised eyebrows in the Fly Fishing community with this quote?

Anyway, it's fed by
a tributary of the Madison.

And it's the best damned
steelhead fishing in the world.

l plan to go back there and--

l don't know.
Start a little fishing camp.    

Guide operation. Whatever.
We will post the answer tomorrow, good luck.

*Special Thanks to John Montana from Carp on The Fly for the use of the image.  If you are interested in catching carp on the fly, John is the best resource to get started.




Chum Salmon Attack!


Doug Jones is lucky to be alive.

Fly Fishing Mystery Wednesday

Can you name the publication,

who ran this image as part of a campaign to gain new readers for their magazine?

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Answer: Playboy Magazine, 1981

“What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?”

The sort of man who wants to do whatever he does as well as he can–and have fun at it.  He is as much at home fishing under a big sky as he is in a chic restaurant.  He is productive in any setting.  He plans, but he isn’t a slave to ritual; there is a keen sense of adventure that keeps him on the move.  As a Playboy reader, he responds to the advice the magazine provides, advice that makes him a winning competitor.


Artist Spotlight: Nate Karnes and ScaleFish Studio



Another round of Artist Spotlight brings us to Nate Karnes and Scalefish Studio.  Nate’s work encompasses not only some amazing pieces of Fish Art across multiple mediums, but also a few pigs.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.19.18

Heads or Tails – Steam ‘Bow The second of two pieces for “Casting 4 A Cure.”

Nate’s blending of pigs and fish takes ‘catching a pig’ to a new level.  The recently released Pig Brown Trout Shirts are a hot commodity throughout social media.  You can purchase pigs individually or go big and start a pig farm with a herd of pigs.

Check out Nate’s work, pick up a pig brown or tarpon and give Nate a follow on Social Media (Links Below).

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Artist Spotlight: Erin Erickson License Plate Design

Our ‘Artist Spotlight Series’ returns as the 2014 fishing season comes to a close in Alaska.  This Fall and Winter we hope to introduce you to some new faces as well as give you some updates on our favorite artists who express the art of fly fishing. Screenshot 2014-09-25 08.10.41

We travel to Hawaii to introduce you to Erin Erickson and her knack for making old license plates come to life.  Erin can knock out pretty much anything you can spell.  For us, this meant ‘Fly Shop’, pretty much our favorite combination of words.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 08.45.13

Take a minute, check out Erin’s work on her social media outlets but give her Etsy site a visit and get a sign ordered!  A great chance to give your Fly Shop, Guide Business, Garage or Fish Camp a new sign!


Visit Erin’s Etsy Site Here




Blueberry Island Lodge: For Sale


An absolute awesome opportunity for someone to fulfill a dream of owning an Alaskan Fishing Lodge.

Blueberry Island Lodge is located on the Kvichak river, 2 miles down stream of Lake Illiamna.  The Lodge is completely turn-key and operationally in fantastic shape.  Visit the Blueberry Island Lodge website or Facebook page to get a feel for the Lodge and unlimited potential.

Click here to view the complete listing.


Blueberry Island Lodge on Facebook


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