Alaska Fly Fishing Good’s Kayla Roys: The Situk River

Great article on the Situk River by Kayla Roys from Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, the local Fly Shop in Juneau.



The fish of a thousand casts. A legendary and ghost-like species that demands hours of patient and relentless pursuit. Fishing for days on huge rivers that look like they may not hold a single fish. For many anglers these are the images that come to mind when they think of steelhead….Read more Here.




Tippets and Tales: One on One with Zeb Tonkavich


Great interview with one of our favorite custom rod creators, Zeb Tonkavich, better known to some as ‘Snowman’ on the Tippets and Tales blog.

If you are into custom rods or know Snowman’s work, you will really dig this look into what makes Zeb tick.


 Tippets and Tales: One on One with Zeb Tonkavich

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Slikkers’ Split Cane Write-up from The Fiberglass Manifesto


The Fiberglass Manifesto’s custom leather reel cases created by Slikkers’ Split Cane. TFM Photo


The Fiberglass Manifesto did a great write up on Slikkers’ Split Cane over the past month.  The 2 part series on the creation of Slikkers’ leather reel case was a fantastic view of the time and process it takes to create these one-of-a-kind leather works.  Follow the links below to The Fiberglass Manifesto to read the 3 part series on Slikkers’ Split Cane.

The Making Of A Leather Reel Case – Part 1

The Making Of A Leather Reel Case – Part 2

Slikkers’ Custom Leather Fly Reel Case

Visit Slikkers’ Split Cane – Leatherworks site Here

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“Two Hand Trout” – by Rick Matney


Great write up from Rick Matney, Echo Fly Fishing pro on ‘Two Hand Trout’. We have had the pleasure of fishing with Rick a few times and every trip has been a fantastic voyage.

Originally posted on ECHO FLY FISHING BLOG:


You hear it all the time; “the tug is the drug”. As a Steelhead junkie I get it, but lets be honest: not everyone has patience or location to experience it first hand. Living in Montana limits my opportunity to chase Steelhead to a handful of trips per year. So what’s a Steelhead junkie to do?


Through years of trial and error, I’ve found that both brown and rainbow trout are very willing to eat a swung fly. Early on, I quickly figured out that catching a 16” trout on a 14′ 8wt was not particularly exciting. Thankfully, technology has progressed to the point where it’s not uncommon to find 3, 4, and 5 weight spey rods with matching lines at your local fly shop.

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Hire A Graduate: Bristol Bay River Academy


It’s that time of year again, Alaska Lodges and Outfitters are hiring for the 2015 season. If you are an Alaska Sport Fishing business, please consider hiring one of the graduates of the Bristol Bay River Academy’s graduates.

Originally posted on AlaskaGuideListBlog:

Young people who successfully complete the Academy are  qualified for introductory jobs at local lodges, tourism based businesses and non-profits.  They have become proficient in many skills and have been given the tools to continue building their newfound interests and skills after the Academy.

Your business or organization can help support the Academy, Bristol Bay young people and the sustainable fish-based economy of Bristol Bay through:

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Artist Spotlight: H&H Outfitters featured in The Oregonian

Great write up today on H&H Outfitters in The Oregonian.  Nothing better than seeing fresh new Fly Fishing companies getting the spotlight.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 10.36.22


The likeness of rapper Ice Cube grinning in a life jacket under a spraypainted “Today was a good spey” would likely float right over most fly-fishermen’s heads. But for brothers Cobb and Alex Hudjohn, it’s just another slightly altered cultural reference tailor-made for a T-shirt.

Their unorthodox fly-fishing and screen-printing business, H&H Outfitters, has put the once-contentious brothers together in the same boat.  Read More Here

Visit H&H Outfitters

Find H&H Outfitters in your local Fly Shop


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