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Who will be crowned the Fly Shop of The Year?


The Gink and Gasoline Fly Shop 500
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The folks over at Gink & Gasoline have a friendly competition going to crown the Fly Shop of the Year.  Happy to say that there are 2 Alaska Fly Shops in the running.  Take a minute today and vote for your favorite fly shop and if you are still undecided, always remember to vote ALASKA.

Your vote could help either Mossy’s Fly Shop in Anchorage or Alaska Fly Fishing Goods in Juneau get some great national exposure!

The 2014 Fly Shop of The Year will Receive:
An entire year of free advertising on Gink and Gasoline
Fly Shop 500 gear
Bragging rights for an entire year

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Be Steelheaded

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On Nov. 20, Trout Unlimited will launch the Wild Steelhead Initiative, a project to protect and restore the wild steelhead and the fishing opportunities they provide throughout their native range in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

At the heart of the initiative is Wild Steelheaders United, a home to anyone who believes in the common quest to protect these fish and the incredible fishing opportunities they provide.

The Initiative will focus on river systems that could support robust, fishable wild steelhead populations, while accepting that properly managed steelhead hatcheries may be appropriate for fishing and harvest opportunity in rivers that can no longer support wild steelhead.

The Initiative will address both habitat protection/restoration and steelhead policy and management to align all of the “H’s” (habitat (including hydro), hatcheries, and harvest) so that wild steelhead can thrive.

Please join us to kick-off this initiative at simultaneous events in five “steelhead states”. The events are free and open to the public.

More information to come soon! Stay tuned to, our Facebook and Twitter pages or write Shauna Sherard to learn more about TU’s newest effort.

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Artist Spotlight: Dead Weight Fly, the art of Ryan Sharpe


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Ryan Sharpe, the artist behind Dead Weight Fly has some pretty radical stuff going on.  First off, not only is Ryan’s highlighter work superb and original, but he also is pretty handy with a torch.  The steam punk inspired creations of Ryan’s metal work is as cool as it gets, turning out fish from gears, sprockets and scrap.

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To top off all of this Fly Fishing Awesomeness…

You can now fill more than your walls with Dead Weight Fly art, you can fill your closet.  Check out Dead Weight Fly’s website to see the possibilities of making yourself one of the coolest fly shop rats around.  For you sticker junkies out there, rest easy, you are covered as well.  Ryan also does custom commissions and wholesale, so if you are looking for a unique graphic or that piece of metal work to tie your Fly Shop together, drop Ryan a note to discuss

   Follow Dead Weight Fly On:

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 Check out @deadweightfly on Instagram, DWF will be giving away prizes over the next 6 days.  Click the pic for details!photo



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Fly Fishing Mystery Wednesday

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John Montana from CARP ON THE FLY put up some serious numbers in 2014, Read more about his 2014 Carp Season HERE


Can you name the movie that fabulously raised eyebrows in the Fly Fishing community with this quote?

Anyway, it's fed by
a tributary of the Madison.

And it's the best damned
steelhead fishing in the world.

l plan to go back there and--

l don't know.
Start a little fishing camp.    

Guide operation. Whatever.
We will post the answer tomorrow, good luck.

*Special Thanks to John Montana from Carp on The Fly for the use of the image.  If you are interested in catching carp on the fly, John is the best resource to get started.




Chum Salmon Attack!


Doug Jones is lucky to be alive.


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