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A visit to the Bozeman, Montana Headquarters for Simms always gets us thinking, MADE IN THE USA.


MADE IN THE USA is a pretty powerful statement.  We get asked quite a bit about what we like most about Simms. As many of you know, we get the opportunity to visit Simms in Bozeman quite often.  The thing that resonates the most every visit is, MADE IN THE USA.

Each trip to the factory reminds us that every time I strap my waders on, somebody at Simms took the time not only to design and craft one of the most important tools in my gear bag, but also meticulously inspected and tested my waders before they got to my door.

Next time you head down to the river, give yourself a high five or a heel kick in your Simms waders.  Your investment in the best waders on the market not only keep you dry and comfortable but also supported a local business with over 100 employees who stand behind what they do living, fishing and working in Bozeman, Montana.

Read more about Simms Fishing: MADE IN THE USA
Another great read was a past feature on Simms “This Built America”

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Help keep our country’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds safe from environmental threats for this and future generations of anglers to enjoy.

Did you know?

  • 89 cents of every dollar TU brings in, is spent on conservation programs.
  • TU is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and your donation is tax deductible.
  • Outfitters, Lodges, Fly Shops and other fishing related businesses can become members.  Learn more
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  • TU members get a pretty rad subscription to Trout Magazine.

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Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Launches New Web Site

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Always great to see local, Alaskan grown small businesses’, making a big splash.

Alaska Fly Fishing Goods in Juneau has launched their revamped website and it is nothing short of next level awesome.  Tons of great content pertaining to all things fly fishing in Alaska.

Take our advice, work will still be there when you get back from checking it out.

Support the local Fly Shop and #FlyShopSmall


“It’s hip to be square.” – by Mark Hieronymus

Originally posted on ECHO FLY FISHING BLOG:


Military intelligence.

Jumbo shrimp.

Artificial turf.

Black light.

“Where are you going with this, Mark?” Well, valued reader, I think these things are all pretty rad.  If I may, there’s one additional item I’d like to add the list. (queue drum-roll..)

The Square Rod Tube.

Really? Don’t be silly! Rod tubes are round. They’ve always have been. Why mess with a good thing??

After giving the vale tudo treatment to a few of my ECHO 3’s tubes and their funky new shape, I’m a firm believer in the square tube, to the extent that I wish Uncle Tim & Co. at ECHO would ship all of their lovely fly poles with a 4-sided home. By no means should the following be considered an exhaustive list of reasons to love the square rod tube, but viewed as a good start – use the comment section and add your own…


Reason 1#

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Andrew Grillos Fly Fishing: Global Perspective to Our Local Fisheries


From Colorado, Alaska, Washington to Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, Andrew Grillos has spent a few hours on the water guiding clients and putting a whole lot of fun in Fly Fishing.

For me, fly fishing has always been about having fun while in the outdoors.  Whether you’re an expert or have never touched a fly rod, I consider a day to be successful when we can have a good time on the water.  Whether it’s catching some fish, learning a thing or two, or just enjoying being the escape of being outside, these are all things that can make a guide day a success in my eyes.”

Read more about Andrew Grillos Fly Fishing:

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It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back


Support the Local Fly Shop. Enough said. #FlyShopSmall

Originally posted on Fly Shop Small:


In the 4 months since the inception of Fly Shop Small, it is apparent we hit a nerve.  Fly Anglers in the US and around the world are rallying around the local Fly Shop.  Thank you for your continued support of not only small businesses, but specialty retailers across this country and around the world.

A special thank you to all of the Fly Shops and Specialty Retailers who have e-mailed us with words of encouragement and thanks.  You are not forgotten and we will continue to support your business.  Your words of encouragement keeps gas in the tank.


So where are we?

The website is coming along, we are in the middles of the arduous process of creating a useable database of Fly Shops around the world.  As this process continues, we will begin mailing out our Fly Shop Small decals to every Fly Shop listed on our…

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