Derek DeYoung Launches new website…puts Alaska on canvas

DeYoung seems to be everywhere these days.  Somebody made a movie about him, people are standing in line to get their boat wrapped with his art.  Hell, the guy even showed up in AK this year.

To tell you the truth, I just can’t seem to get enough of him, well not exactly him, per se.  I pretty much have or have owned everything Simms.
put out with Derek’s art, now you might say there is a reason for that.

Not counting all of that stuff, I do actually own a few Giclee’s (pronounced “zhee-CLAY” the little old lady at the Palmer Frame shop filled me in) as well as a pile of notecards, stickers and a not yet received iPhone cover.  Don’t worry Janell, I haven’t exactly ordered it yet.  This brings up another great thing about Derek, it is his better half, Janell.

There is no doubt that she is the gateway for the rest of us to expierience Derek’s art.  No one can spend this much time creating and have all of the back-end details this organized, truly a family operation.

Enough blathering, check out the new website, there is some pretty amazing stuff as well as some great gift ideas.  I can’t speak more highly of Derek and Janell as people and their products happen to be pretty darn cool. 

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