Draplin Design Co. Unapologetically Fishy?


Who? What? Where is Draplin Design Company?

Came across Draplin on one social outlet or another highlighting their one-of- kind unique collage, conglomerate, mash-up, state-torso, prints.  No idea how fishy they are but for one reason or another this stuff pushes my button.

Now if you dig deep enough on the Draplin site, you might say these guys don’t have the same pov as you.Fair enough.  Get over it.  Take minute to climb the ladder and tell the guy on the other side of the fence that the pattern he just mowed into his grass is damn impressive.  Not that I would actually know a neighbor who literally had a lawn to mow, but you get the picture.

I hit Draplin for AK, WA and OR prints.  Got them framed, Merry Christmas Honey.  You, Me, Us.  End of story?  Who knows?  Both orders also felt like Christmas. Aside from the DDC Action Cap I picked up for myself because I was running low on headwear, Draplin rained down the free goods to boot.  We are talking pencils, emory boards (if this isn’t in your go-pack for guiding it should be, let me know if you end up using it), etc.  You might say worthless, I say marketing and brand building.

Mark my words, Draplin is in a lot of places and the work is very well known outside of our little circle, but I have a feeling we all may be seeing more of Draplin Design Co. in the fly world sooner than later….

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