What you are looking at is Heaven…..10 cents worth.

I am a deal shopper.  When grocery shopping, my cart is heaped with ‘closeout,’ ‘mark-down’ food, I sometimes buy the $1 singles at the beer store if the name suits me or my curiosity is peaked.


This pile of what you may perceive as doormats, were recently acquired for a mere penny each, marked down from some 24 dollars and change.  (I happened upon them while on a different mission to Home Depot for an extremely useful guide promo that I am going to release this Spring)

You may ask, “What is so heavenly about 10 cents worth of doormats?”

I may answer, “Those little nubs are going to make my feet feel like heaven when I hit the local AK Sportsman and Outdoor show circuit this spring.”

The best 10 pennies I ever spent.

Oh, why 10?  What fun is a show if the folks you are working with don’t have one?

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