Vedawho? Vedavoo

Full disclaimer:  I don’t know these guys, never met them, don’t work for them, saw their booth at IFTD and know a couple of their ambassadors, seen a couple packs floating around AK.

I am lucky enough to work with many fantastic companies that take great pride in manufacturing products here in the U.S.  (Simms, Scientific Anglers, Ross, Hatch, Waterworks-Lamson and Scott Fly Rods.) When I saw the recent social media launch of Vedavoo’s ‘Rock the Post’ campaign hit the wire, I couldn’t help but think of all the companies above and how they got started.  With some time to think on my day trip to the ‘rock’ aka Kodiak for some work, I was able to scribble some notes riding the standard chop on my flight.Square_Sewing-300x300

There are a number of different ways to raise capital to give your company a lift, many of which are new and innovative ways of raising money.  Thanks to the ‘series of tubes’ aka the internet, sites like KickStarter and Rock The Post are now available to help people raise money for projects, businesses’ and other things of interest that need capital.

Vedavoo, aptly tagged “Gear for the road less traveled.  Designed and built in the USA”, literally a garage start-up, who has received a ton of traction on numerous different avenues in the fly world, has employed the ‘Rock The Post’ site to generate some much needed capital to increase their manufacturing capabilities domestically.

How many of you would have stepped up with 5 bucks back in the day to help a little company like Simms start manufacturing waders in the US?  I would have and I guarantee you I would still be chirping about those 5 dollars today and how I helped Simms before they were Simms.

We live in a country where domestic manufacturing has declined over the years and we subside on the importation of goods from overseas.  It is a necessity in some cases to be able to provide products that are not completely cost prohibitive to the end use.  Supporting companies who keep their manufacturing in the US, only drives more companies to do the same.   The same goes for new products, in August, Simms will unleash a new product 100% USA, I am talking fiber to finish.  The first response I have found to this new piece?  What is next, will there be more?

American-Workers-ButtonI live and work in a very competitive environment, but that can be put aside for a moment to support a company that is going to create additional jobs for hard working Americans in the good ol’ USA and further expand the Fly Fishing Industry with domestic product.

So take those 5 bucks or more and throw it to Vedavoo as your way of saying ‘right-on’ and showing your appreciation for the willingness to create a job for somebody else.  Bonus?  If they make it, you can ride that 5 dollar wave every time someone mentions their name.

Good Luck Vedavoo, hope you make it.

Click here to contribute.

Carry on.  Pass it on.

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