Protect your Tip$ this season.


Protect your tips this season from that new guide on staff or that sneaky client.

You know it was him.  That extra 10 bucks you got last week for helping your client land the fish of a lifetime, is gone.  You thought the old sneaky trick of hiding your tips in your Tip Wallet was going to work.  Now you are headed to King Salmon for some supplies and that 10 bucks was burning a hole in your waders.

For a limited time, AlaskaGuideList will be offering Quickie! The Tip Keeper, to help you make it home with every last dime of your hard earned tips.

Protect your tips this season with Quickie! and no one will ever guess that you could ever be anything but clean!  Quickie! also looks and feels like real cleaner, easily fooling any guide or client on a float trip.  Adding a roll of paper towels will complete the ultimate hiding place for your hard earned tips.  (Paper Towel Roll sold separately).  Quickie! can be safely transported on any commercial airline and the contents will never burst under pressure.  You may also point directly at your eyes and ‘spray’ without ill affect or use Quickie! as an always client impressing “breath/bear spray”.


Act now, supplies are limited and your tips will not be safe and secure until they are “cleaned” with Quickie! Order in the next 10 minutes and receive not one, but three Quickie!(s) at the special promotional price and Free Shipping! Order now, first come first serve, limited quantities available.

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