Strip’n Flywear = Friend

stripnThis month we welcome Strip’n Flywear to AlaskaGuideList’s ‘Friends’ category, not like a Manti Te’o ‘friend’, this one really exists I swear, but I have never actually seen them in person, so you will have to trust our judgement.  I found them on Facebook, so they must be real.

Check these guys out, not only can you get some classic Fly Fishing T-shirts with any number of their unique designs, but you may also be able to convince them to custom design a new logo for your business or an alternate to spice things up.


I would classify the Strip’n Flywear crew as one of the few “micro-fly fishing business start-up, Edgy and innovative…”  Strip’n Flywear would say “micro-brewery of fly fishing t-shirt design.” We will always be willing to give these types of guys a hand up and a help out.   This ‘Micro’ type of businesses is vital to the growth and health of everyone living on our friendly little planet.    Planet Fishing.  See Outer Drift to get the picture (Scroll down when you get there).

In the end, I picked up the Big Wheel pulling the Drift Boat, Nudefly and the classic Banksy Cast.  Free Shipping and a few Strip’n Stickers, money well spent.

I am holding my breath for Vincent Mancini sitting on the horse, pointing the fly rod.  “Hey Joe……Zasa!”

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