Stonefly Press offers FREE ads for Fly Shops, Lodges and Outfitters

Looking for some free exposure? Stonefly Press is offering up a great opportunity to host an ad for your Fly Shop, Lodge or Guide business….absolutely free, no fly lines attached.

photo (17)

Being the skeptic that I am, I contacted Stonefly to discuss the details of what they were offering exactly.  We had a great conversation about buying local and supporting brick and mortar fly fishing establishments, with everything leading to this post.

The conversation also led to Stonefly Press’ 2014  3-day retreats.  These ‘retreats’ are small groups of anglers (6-10) along with one of Stonefly Press’ featured authors to a fly-fishing lodge or destination.  If your Lodge is interested in hosting one of Stonefly’s retreats you can contact them here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.21.30 PM

Stonefly Press Landing Page Ad

We’re offering one-week ads on the Stonefly Press landing page for qualified lodges, outfitters, and fly shops, gratis! (qualified = good photo and copy, and we have final approval). And no strings!

Visit and you’ll see examples on the right hand side of the page. You pick the week and time of year you’d like the ad to run (based on availability; including 2014). Email us at if you’re interested and we’ll share specs, traffic rates, a list of current lodges & outfitters participating, and anything else that might be helpful.

We want to support the fly fishing community where we can, and we definitely feel like a little extra exposure is good for everyone!

For more details on participating is this offer you can also contact Stonefly Press via their website here.

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