Tenkara and the wood pile. (Tie a Fly and earn a buck for CO)


Despite the nay-sayers and the funny one liners slung at what some, would call a ‘fad’,  I gave Tenkara a whirl this summer.  Am I changed?  Sure.  Am I a Tenkara convert?  Yes.  Will I practice and fish Tenkara exclusively?  No.

For me, Tenkara is like splitting wood.  I could take that pile of rounds and quarter them with the ease of the log splitter.  But sometimes, the old back and axe prove not only to be effective, but good for the spirits.

Tenkara has it’s place in Alaska and could be as ‘normal’ as that trusty Eight-Weight-Broomstick-With-The-Name-Sockeye-Slayer that sits waiting for a midnight run to the Russian.  Some places in the North, don’t require a big cast and a big fly with big colors.  These places are the ones you don’t even think about stopping, when on the hunt for those everyday Alaskan catches.  Next time you cross that stream, give it a try, stop and see what you have been missing.

TenkaraUSA has been North America’s adoptive parents of this Japanese method of fly fishing, making a splash in the industry that hardly went unnoticed.  Once again they are stepping up with an opportunity for you to help fellow anglers when disaster strikes.

Beginning today and running through tomorrow, TenkaraUSA is hosting a Tie-A-Thon to benefit Colorado flood victims.  This isn’t your normal fundraiser.

“For every reverse-hackle tenkara fly you tie tomorrow and the day after (September 21-22nd MST) and share a picture with us on our Facebook page or Twitter (with the hash-tags #tenkarausa #tenkara4COflood) we’ll donate $1 to help flood victims in Colorado. If you make a short video of yourself tying the fly, we’ll donate $5 per video. No limits on how many flies you can tie and share pictures of.”

This is the second time that TenkaraUSA has stood up to help other anglers when they were down.  The TenkaraUSA  Sandy Relief Auction raised just over thousand dollars with an auction of unique, one-of-a-kind Tenkara items donated by TenkaraUSA and friends.

Sit down, try your hand at reverse-hackle tenkara fly this weekend, take a picture and help the Colorado community out.  Today, I will attempt the ‘Reverse-Hackle Tenkara Fly’, something I have not attempted since my college party days.

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