ACTION ALERT. How would you like to see this Kenai River Rainbow swimming in a fish tank?

It has come to my attention that the ‘powers to be’ have given the green light to Cabela’s to retain live trout for their in-store display, harvested from the Kenai River. I implore you to reach out to the State of Alaska and ask that this unprecedented access to our local resource be halted immediately. There are plenty of hatchery raised fish, incubated and acclimated to living in tanks that would more than suffice. Thank you for your support in helping keep Alaska’s wild trout…WILD.

HASHTAG your Kenai River Rainbows #saveourtroutfromthetank






  1. Why on earth would they need to use wild trout harvested from a river for a display? Do they think that anyone who shops at Cabela’s would even know that they were wild as opposed to pellet fed?

  2. The Alaska dept. of fish and game has proven over the years their ability to kill everything that swims with commercial fisheries and politics why not add a few more stupid things to the list.

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