First off, a huge ‘thank you’ to all who shared, liked, commented and contacted ADF&G on the original post.  You were heard and you made a difference.

To the 1% who felt that this was a waste of time over a “few” fish, good on you for making your opinion heard with an onslaught of opposing thought.  We can agree to disagree, but I greatly respect that you stood up and said what you wanted to say.

This afternoon I was contacted by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to discuss my earlier post regarding #SAVEOURTROUTFROMTHETANK.  I was glad to express my opinion and pleased that the time was taken to not only listen to my concerns about wild fish being used in display tanks, but ADF&G’s effort to reach out and initiate the conversation.

“Unofficially” Cabela’s has notified ADF&G that they have ceased any retention efforts of wild Kenai River Rainbows for their retail display.  The fish currently in their possession for display purposes have been retained from waters enhanced by ADF&G stocking programs.

For those of you who have read this far and feel skeptical, I accept that.  Cabela’s has not ‘officially’ released any kind of statement to me or to the public addressing the matter.  Do you blame them?  I would be happy to repost their ‘official’ statement if they would like to send it to me.  I have faith in their word that they will keep Wild Alaska Fish Wild.

Please, make no mistake in assuming that I had ill will to either ADF&G or Cabela’s.  The permitting processes in place with the state were followed and the necessary requirements were met for permits to be approved.  Sometimes these formalities result in the oversight of common sense.  Alaska’s wild fish must stay wild to preserve not only the fishery, but the lure of catching that Wild Alaskan Rainbow, not seeing one in a tank.  Not even one wild fish on display can relay that experience.

In closing, as long as Cabela’s keeps their word ‘Officially’, displaying only fish retained from waters enhanced by ADF&G stocking programs, I will cease the campaign of #SAVEOURTROUTFROMTHETANK from this point forward and all of the following topics will be removed from the table:


-How to train your Wild Kenai River Trout to do Tricks.

-Transporting Live Fish to Your House, everything you need is at Fred Meyer.

-How to apply for a live harvest permit from ADF&G, and GET APPROVED!

-The Friskies diet, it’s not just for cats.


-I didn’t catch a slab, I SAW ONE IN A TANK!

-Trout Growth Hormone, almost as good as a natural diet.

-WILD ALASKA, sort of.

In Alaska, we keep our word.


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