Artist Spotlight: Reel Trout Studio and Eric Knowlton

1391926_678385075507953_1225388701_nIn the world of fishing art, the pieces are as unique as the artists themselves. I for one find myself not only enamored by the work, but the time and skill it takes to create.

Meet Eric Knowlton, fellow Alaskan, master wood carver.  Gone are the days of filthy skin mounts that in their time, proudly showed an angler’s catch of a lifetime and a taxidermists skill of raising the dead.  In today’s world of replica fiberglass mounts exactly proportioned to our trophy fish are predominant.  The fish swimming out of the Reel Trout Studio claim something far different and much more unique.

The process of creating these fish can be best explained HERE. Down to the finest detail,each scale is precisely burned for additional realism and mouths on larger pieces are given life.

photo 1

photo 2

Eric’s passion and demand for his art has recently led him to make that career move to do what he loves full time.  I have a feeling Eric and his work will be scene and recognized worldwide.

To hear Eric in his own words describe his work and Native heritage, Zach Mathews from The Itinerant Angler recently interviewed Eric for his ever popular podcast segments.  You can download it HERE.

Reel Trout Studio will be displaying work in the coming months at the Dena’ina Center Holiday Shows on November 23-24 and December 21st.  You can also see some pieces at 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle in Wasilla.

Rumor has it, Santa and his drift boat pulled by 8 spawning reds will be there!

Commission work?

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One thought on “Artist Spotlight: Reel Trout Studio and Eric Knowlton”

  1. This is amazing work!
    it really seems that Eric puts his full heart behind his work…
    Its very rare to see an artist you actually turns his imagination into real art.

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