Small Business Everyday…Shop Small, Shop Local, Buy Big.


Small business is the foundation of the good ol’ USA.  Built on the backs of risk taking, hard working folks with aspirations of providing service and expertise derived from their passion.

This Holiday season, take a moment to visit that small business that may not stock the impulse purchase you crave.  Be patient if that small shop needs to place a special order for you to get that perfect gift.  Know that what you see is what you need, small businesses can’t risk capital on frivolent items that are useless.

Specialty matters most.  Shop Small, Shop Local, Buy Big this Holiday Season from your local small businesses.

Be one of the first 10 people to ask for an “I Love Alaska Fly Shops” bumper sticker at any of these Alaska Fly Shops, it’s on us.

Not in Alaska? Do you love Fly Shops and Small Business?  Send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and we will set you up with a “I Love Alaska Fly Shops” sticker as well.

Upstream Marketing
c/o Stickers
1150 South Colony Way
Suite 3, PMB 348
Palmer Alaska 99645

Thank you for supporting your local specialty retailer.

~Happy Holidays!

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