ALASKAFLYOUT.COM on board with “Fly Out Category” award for Photo Contest

flyoutcategory_photocontest has added some sweet schwag for the “Fly Out Category” award to the growing list of supporters for this year’s AlaskaGuideList photo contest.

Read on to see the latest trailer from ALASKAFLYOUT.COM’s newest film release “Long Live The King” focusing on the decline of the King Salmon returns in Alaska.


The mission of Fly Out is to advance conservation and sustainable tourism in Alaska by actively promoting and unifying reputable Alaska lodges, air services, and other operations providing world-class adventure and service. is an on-the-ground resource for free, honest, and un-biased information for Alaska fishing and adventure travel. Read more about ALASKAFLYOUT.COM HERE.

Long Live the King is a story of hope and resurgence for Alaska’s great King Salmon fishery. Returning numbers of the fish have been dropping steadily, and both 2012 and 2013 hit especially hard – with multiple rivers and regions across the state seeing some of the lowest returns ever, forcing Alaska Fish and Game officials to close or severely limit salmon fishing around the state, including on some of Alaska’s most iconic rivers. Read more about’s “Long Live The King” HERE. 

Featured Alaska Lodges & Outfitters in “Long Live The King”

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