7 Gifts that say “I LOVE YOU” for the Holiday Season


Still looking for that special gift for the one you love?  Show your true love this holiday season and give your special someone a gift they would never ask for but really, really want.

Remember- shop small, shop local, buy BIG this holiday season.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Scott Radian Fly Rod


Hatch Finatic Reel

images-4      Hatch Reels Logo

Fast meets feel with the new Scott Radian, you don’t buy the Lambo and put Civic rims on it, you slap on a high performance Hatch Finatic Reel.  Even better, only sold through high performance retailers called Fly Shops.  Where service lasts a lifetime.


Find a Scott Dealer near you.

Find a Hatch Dealer near you.


Simms G3 Bootfoots

paired with the

Bulkley Jacket


The new Simms G3 Bootfoots have been quietly entering rivers this past fall.  Paired with the Simms Bulkley Jacket, this combo just stretched your loved one’s time away from home.


Find a Simms Dealer near you.


Schliske Bamboo


How about the ultimate multi generational gift?  A Schliske Bamboo rod that will be fished today and passed on for generations to come.  Face it, adding some cane under the tree this year will set you free.


See what Schliske Bamboo has available for Christmas.



Sitka Gear Storm Front Jacket and Pant


The ultimate set of fowl weather protection packed full GORE-TEX® and GORE™ OPTIFADE™ technology, not only shows that you gave an essential piece of gear, but you are also hungry.


Find a Sitka Dealer Near You.


Kodiak Water Master


The gift of freedom.  Put an end to your loved ones unreliable fishing buddies.  The Water Master Kodiak raft by Big Sky Inflatables will become their new best fishing friend.  Another great thing? It will pack down and fit under the tree. Freeeeeeddddddoooooooommmmmmmm.


Find a Water Master Dealer near you


Give an Alaskan Adventure


One Week at a destination Alaska Fishing Lodge is the answer. Book your dream vacation for two and tell that special someone you did it for them.  Alaska Fly Out or Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures can help you sort out the minor details.  Time machine needed.  North to the Future.


The gift that can last forever from PIGFARMINK.com


A Pig Farm Ink tatto by the world’s worst tattoo artist will serve as a reminder of your love and devotion to allow your loved one to be tattooed in a kitchen or better yet the parking lot of your local fly shop. Or you could just buy a hoody.


Find Pig Farm Ink in a parking lot near you.


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