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GRAV00445_US.227x227-75For over a year we’ve been working to get a distributor for our film Cast Alaska. It’s been an uphill battle and many times we came close, only to have the deal fall though because we’re told that “people don’t want to watch movies about fishing”. Well we disagree and we’d love your help to prove them wrong!  A great company called Gravitas Ventures is giving Cast Alaska a shot, and on January 1st it will be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant and on millions of cable boxes across the US and Canada on Video on Demand. The film is available for pre-sales through the iTunes Store now: CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER from iTUNES

You can help us in a huge way, and it will take a few seconds to do any of these 3 things:

Rate the movie — click the “Ratings and Review” tab and give us some star love.

  1.  Rate the movie — click the “Ratings and Review” tab and give us some star love.
  2.  Review the movie — jot down a few words about the film and let your opinion be heard!
  3.  Buy a pre-sale — You’ll be a double-whammy hero to your favorite fisherman. Give them a great present for Christmas as a pre-sale, then when the movie becomes available on January 1st they’ll have something to watch to help them recover from their New Year’s Eve hangover!

Gravitas Ventures has had 5 of the Top 10 documentaries on iTunes for the past three years. We’d love to have Cast Alaska be one of those films in 2014 and show the world that there are plenty of people out there who love this great sport. Thanks as always from the Cross Current Team.

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