January Fly of The Month- Booby Mouse by Jay Zimmerman


The Booby Mouse is going to hit Alaska waters this summer and without a doubt prove to become a favorite amongst the growing legion of mice lovers, both anglers and rainbows.  Look for it in a local Alaska Fly Shop near you!



Jay Zimmerman works for Charlie Craven at Charlie’s Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado. Jay has made a living as a fly fishing guide, instructor, writer and fly designer. He has been an archaeologist, infantry paratrooper, commercial halibut fisherman, hunting guide (Alaska and Canada), carpenter, and contract fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and has written and published two books; a book of fishing stories “In Neck Deep: Stories from a Fisherman” (Bottom Dog Press, 2004). And “The Top Ten Guide To Fly Fishing” (Lyons Press, 2013). Jay currently lives up Coal Creek Canyon and is hard at work on his third book, “The Best Carp Flies and How To Tie Them” due for release in 2014 from Headwaters/Stackpole Books. You can keep up with Jay by visiting his blog, HERE.

Take a quick look at some of Jay’s other fly designs available through Umpqua.

1709     Chili_Pepper_Worm   clownshoescaddisbrn


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