Artist Spotlight: Fresh Fine Art by Sarah Lauridsen

Screenshot 2014-01-14 07.01.37

We connected with Sarah via a photo she submitted to our photo contest.  Needless to say, she is knocking out some pretty awesome stuff. Take a minute to explore Sarah’s work, all of the pieces pictured in this post are still for sale, we are thinking about pulling the trigger on the flank series…you can also connect with Sarah on Instagram and Facebook to get an inside look at what is currently on the easel!

Screenshot 2014-01-15 13.41.23

About the Artist:

Sarah was born and raised in New Hampshire, where her rural lifestyle gave her artwork a creative twist. Her artwork has gone through many different phases, starting with original sketches and canvas work to surface design, but she can’t get away from brilliant color and different perspectives with acrylics on canvas.

il_570xN.544213459_p3o0She enjoys painting sexy, stylish, funky designs, whether they are illustrative or realist.

Her love for the outdoors, sports, and fashion are tied into her work with style, colors, and energy.  Everything she chooses paint has been an inspiration in her life.

Sarah now lives in Bridgewater Corners, VT, where one of her favorite hobbies is fly fishing.  She is inspired every day she is on the water and by every fish she lands.  Many of the fish she paints are her own catch.

Sarah works in the ski industry at Marker Völkl as the Marketing Manager. 


You can view all of Sarah’s work via her website:

Connect with Sarah on Social Media:


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