#TheGraylingParade: A Procession with “The Lady of the Stream”


You win people of Grayling, Michigan.  You can have what you always wanted.   The hash tag, grayling.  Although we, speaking as ‘The Lady of the Stream’ herself, outnumber you, we now have our own parade.  Please, if you do happen to have a parade downtown Grayling, don’t rain on ours.

Grayling lovers: Follow along, post your Grayling shots on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

TAG #thegraylingparade

Instagram  @alaskaguidelist

Check out these awesome Grayling photos from Aaron O’Leary, Angler’s Obsession and Jordan Gill, Seacat Creative.

Seacat_Creative_Jordan_Gill (1 of 12) IMG_5374 Seacat_Creative_Jordan_Gill (8 of 12) IMG_4073 IMG_1681

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