Artist Spotlight: The Art of Shawn Bichsel

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Fly Fishing and the Art it Inspires

First caught wind of Shawn’s work from Instagram, his tribal fish design on his Christmas cards was too ‘Alaskan’ to pass up.  Unlike other artists, Shawn’s mediums cross into some very different realms.  From pen and ink designs, digital, painting and woodwork, there is an ecletic mix of all things fly fishing.

20140118-212535A big home run in our opinion is Shawn’s iFin collection,an ingenious design of practical art that holds your iPad/Tablet at a comfortable work angle. After seeing his design, Shawn was more than accommodating to our request for a custom iFin.

Can’t say enough about Shawn’s work; unique, practical, fly fishing art.  Make sure to pay a visit to, the posts are often a glimpse into some of Shawn’s custom commissions and progress on current projects (on top of a great read).

For custom commissions and ordering, you can contact Shawn HERE.  Also check out Shawn’s Etsy page where you can find a current collection of art in stock and ready to ship

Screenshot 2014-02-04 10.33.25Info

About Shawn: My current passions are Fly Fishing and the art that its beauty, simplicity and sheer frustration inspires. I’m a self prescribed “Nonconformist / Geospatial Practitioner / Fly Fisher” (not necessarily in that order) … And these things too – I’m a husband to a wonderful wife that allows me to pursue whatever interest I may venture into. A 2 dog dad, one is blind and deaf, but is full of spirit, drive and determination. I’m a non-traditionalist fly fisher, I get outside and wet a fly whenever possible, in places you would never think to look, using flies you would never think to fish. Drawing fish and flies is my outlet, when fly fishing is not an option. I also like to bike, hike, travel, drink Shiner Beer and Dr Pepper, eat fine Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex food and go ramble out “yonder” whenever possible.

About the Site: This site is a vessel for me to share my art work and any thing else I might draw inspiration from. Sometimes I let loose and write a lengthy post about “farmers” I like farmers as much as I like fly fishing…But mostly, look for Art, Fly Fishing Related Art, Pictures, Ramblings, Rants and don’t worry… the dogs don’t bite!

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All artwork on this site was drawn or created by me unless otherwise stated. All the photography on the site is mine and was taken by me unless otherwise stated. All views and opinions expressed within are mine and do not represent anybody else’s opinion, but mine. Please take some time to look around and share with your friends!

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get out in it…


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