Back your Brother’s Play: #FISHONBRENDAN

Becoming an Alaska Fishing Guide is a dream job for many.  Sometimes life turns you in a different direction and is determined to undermine your dreams.  Where do you turn for help?  Family.  We may all compete throughout the season, but in the end, Alaska Guides are one big fishy family.  This brings us to Crystal Creek Lodge Guide Brendan Friel.


In 2011, Brendan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the autoimmune disease spells the end of everyday ‘normal’ life for anyone diagnosed.  Brendan has chosen to bring the fight to MS, seeking out and finding specialized treatment that will prove to be life changing for him.

It’s expensive and we, as a collective group of Guides, Lodges Manufacturers and Clients will help Brendan overcome.  Please take a few minutes today and read more about Brendan and if you can, throw a few bucks his way to help him overcome the cost of the battle he is about to endure.


From Dan Michels, Crystal Creek Lodge:  “One of the super stars of Crystal Creek Lodge needs your support. Brendan was a guide and ultimately head guide at CCL for about 12 years, and he is one of the pillars of our history. Those of you who know Brendan may not know of his struggle with MS. Those of you who truly know Brendan will want to know the whole story and lend your support. Those of you who do not know Brendan, please take a moment to learn about how a great man is courageously playing some bad hands recently dealt him by life.”


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