June Fly of The Month “Chartreuse Mini Krystal Shrimp”

Quick repost for the number 1 Fly Question we get:

What is the best fly for Sockeye Salmon?

Hands down the best Sockeye fly on the planet.

image001Everyone has an opinion when it comes to Sockeye on the fly.  Those in the ‘know’ have their favorite patterns that disprove the theory that “Sockeye don’t bite.”

This is the only Sockeye fly I carry with me.  My Sockeye box has the Mini Krystal Shrimp in every available slot.  The proof would be in a picture, but the box is hibernating right now and can not be disturbed.


Umpqua has been kind enough to make the Chartreuse available at Local Alaska Fly Shops once again for the 2014 season.

Find the Chartreuse Mini Krystal Shrimp at a local Alaska Fly Shop.




One thought on “June Fly of The Month “Chartreuse Mini Krystal Shrimp””

  1. You could call it the Sockeye Swing, lead, then about 3 ft of leader. Not ideal on a two hander. Sockeye aren’t “eaters” in fresh water. They will hit a fly, but most often than not you are hooking them in the side of the mouth by happen stance.

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