Artist Spotlight: Nate Karnes and ScaleFish Studio



Another round of Artist Spotlight brings us to Nate Karnes and Scalefish Studio.  Nate’s work encompasses not only some amazing pieces of Fish Art across multiple mediums, but also a few pigs.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.19.18
Heads or Tails – Steam ‘Bow The second of two pieces for “Casting 4 A Cure.”

Nate’s blending of pigs and fish takes ‘catching a pig’ to a new level.  The recently released Pig Brown Trout Shirts are a hot commodity throughout social media.  You can purchase pigs individually or go big and start a pig farm with a herd of pigs.

Check out Nate’s work, pick up a pig brown or tarpon and give Nate a follow on Social Media (Links Below).

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.33.13



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