“It’s hip to be square.” – by Mark Hieronymus



Military intelligence.

Jumbo shrimp.

Artificial turf.

Black light.

“Where are you going with this, Mark?” Well, valued reader, I think these things are all pretty rad.  If I may, there’s one additional item I’d like to add the list. (queue drum-roll..)

The Square Rod Tube.

Really? Don’t be silly! Rod tubes are round. They’ve always have been. Why mess with a good thing??

After giving the vale tudo treatment to a few of my ECHO 3’s tubes and their funky new shape, I’m a firm believer in the square tube, to the extent that I wish Uncle Tim & Co. at ECHO would ship all of their lovely fly poles with a 4-sided home. By no means should the following be considered an exhaustive list of reasons to love the square rod tube, but viewed as a good start – use the comment section and add your own…


Reason 1#

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