AlaskaGuideList Photo Contest


How to submit photo’s:

Photo’s must be submitted via e-mail

E-mail your photos to:

Include your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail.

-Photo Topics-

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Gear
  • Wildlife
  • Landscape


  • Panel of Judges will be represented by Sponsors of the Contest
  • Social Media Component (Likes, Shares, Favorites) This factor will be reviewed and considered by the panel of judges. Remember, this is not a popularity contest, if you have 1 friend or 1 million friends like my neighbor, it is all about great photos!
  • Special Prize Categories will be awarded based on the sole decision of that Sponsor.

-Things you need to know- 

  • Deadline May 1st 2014.
  • Limit 3 entries per person (Client Division)
  • You must own the Copyright to any photos you submit.
  • Winners announced in June 2014.

-The Fine Print-

By submitting your photos to the AlaskaGuideList Photo Contest you are granting permission of use to Upstream Marketing and any of it’s subsidiaries for use on websites, social media, newsletters and promotional content.  Your photo submissions will not be sent or sold to anyone or any company for use without your express written consent.


(we will continue to announce new awards, so check back for updates)


FlyCaster Brewing “Brewmaster” Award

10 Photos will be awarded the “FlyCaster Brewing Company Brewmaster” by Brewmaster Jeremy Eubanks

One thought on “AlaskaGuideList Photo Contest”

  1. Just a thought but not only grip n grin shots but what about the shots with clients just about to have the fish slip though their hands from over gripping the fish and the awkward look on their face. Kind of fun!

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