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Reel Happiness: Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit

Screenshot 2016-03-18 07.22.24


A Short Film Focused on Women Anglers in Southeast Alaska

Fly Fishing, Southeast Alaska, Women Anglers: Reel Happiness.  We are excited to support Kayla Roys and Sydney Akagi’s project focusing on women anglers in Southeast.

Kayla and Sydney’s team of Alaskan film producers and female anglers are currently applying to the Trout Unlimited F3T Fly Fishing Grant. This award amount is up to $15,000 that will go towards creating this film. To qualify for this grant we must first raise a percentage of the cost we are asking for, this is where the Kickstarter comes in!

If awarded this grant, the film will be on tour during the 2017 Trout Unlimited film tour to about 100 cities in the United States.

Although the initial goal has been reached, please consider adding additional support to Reel Happiness.  Your support of Alaskan projects not only encourages future projects, but also secures much needed additional funds to help make Reel Happiness a fantastic representation of Alaskan women anglers and will help to offset travel costs.16889a1f4d611b9bbfd3cef8ac443fe9_original

When you support Reel Happiness, you also receive a pretty snazzy Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit T-Shirt design, that by all means captures the spirit of all Alaskan women anglers.

Read More and Support the Reel Happiness Project Here!

Out of Alaska Groove Rings Launches on Kickstarter


Groove Ring Logo white bkgrnd10712a91113104678a068debd5ebe5e4_original

We really enjoy this whole Crowd Funding thing going on these days, especially when they are close to home or involve things we love to do.  I will admit, Groove Ring was a real head scratcher when Peter Goodwin from The General Lodge reached out to me with a sneak peek at the product.  I gave it the courteous once over and continued scratching my head.

I don’t wear rings.  I lose them.  One is at the bottom of the Gallatin, luckily without my finger2386d542d02f339058f6c9953fe4e33b_original attached after a near death boating accident.  Yes, you can drown on the Gallatin, I almost proved it.  The next ring flew off my hand in a Fly Shop and was never seen again.

Now Groove Ring comes into the picture.  I read and re-read and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.   Technology that attaches to your finger has been born….Read on about Groove Ring.








You can support Groove Ring right now through their Kickstarter Campaign.  Finally, give the video short below a watch, hilariously great and paints the picture why Groove Ring is going to be around for a long time.






Artist Spotlight: Dead Weight Fly, the art of Ryan Sharpe


Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.37.48

Ryan Sharpe, the artist behind Dead Weight Fly has some pretty radical stuff going on.  First off, not only is Ryan’s highlighter work superb and original, but he also is pretty handy with a torch.  The steam punk inspired creations of Ryan’s metal work is as cool as it gets, turning out fish from gears, sprockets and scrap.

Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.40.31


Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.39.52

To top off all of this Fly Fishing Awesomeness…

You can now fill more than your walls with Dead Weight Fly art, you can fill your closet.  Check out Dead Weight Fly’s website to see the possibilities of making yourself one of the coolest fly shop rats around.  For you sticker junkies out there, rest easy, you are covered as well.  Ryan also does custom commissions and wholesale, so if you are looking for a unique graphic or that piece of metal work to tie your Fly Shop together, drop Ryan a note to discuss

   Follow Dead Weight Fly On:

imagesUnknown-1 images-1



 Check out @deadweightfly on Instagram, DWF will be giving away prizes over the next 6 days.  Click the pic for details!photo



IMG_2507 IMG_2508




Chum Salmon Attack!


Doug Jones is lucky to be alive.

Artist Spotlight: Nate Karnes and ScaleFish Studio



Another round of Artist Spotlight brings us to Nate Karnes and Scalefish Studio.  Nate’s work encompasses not only some amazing pieces of Fish Art across multiple mediums, but also a few pigs.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.19.18
Heads or Tails – Steam ‘Bow The second of two pieces for “Casting 4 A Cure.”

Nate’s blending of pigs and fish takes ‘catching a pig’ to a new level.  The recently released Pig Brown Trout Shirts are a hot commodity throughout social media.  You can purchase pigs individually or go big and start a pig farm with a herd of pigs.

Check out Nate’s work, pick up a pig brown or tarpon and give Nate a follow on Social Media (Links Below).

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.33.13



Artist Spotlight: Erin Erickson License Plate Design

Our ‘Artist Spotlight Series’ returns as the 2014 fishing season comes to a close in Alaska.  This Fall and Winter we hope to introduce you to some new faces as well as give you some updates on our favorite artists who express the art of fly fishing. Screenshot 2014-09-25 08.10.41

We travel to Hawaii to introduce you to Erin Erickson and her knack for making old license plates come to life.  Erin can knock out pretty much anything you can spell.  For us, this meant ‘Fly Shop’, pretty much our favorite combination of words.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 08.45.13

Take a minute, check out Erin’s work on her social media outlets but give her Etsy site a visit and get a sign ordered!  A great chance to give your Fly Shop, Guide Business, Garage or Fish Camp a new sign!


Visit Erin’s Etsy Site Here