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Soul River Runs Deep: Arctic Circle Alaska


Arctic Circle & Alaska Cross-Cultural Science Expedition 2016


 Outdoor Leadership | STEAM | Fly Fishing | Culture & Community

What does it look like to take some of our community’s most at-risk youth to one of the most at-risk areas of our planet Earth? What would happen if we gave a life-altering experience that creates paradigm shift for a young mind thus resulting in a strong voice of advocacy for the future of protecting our planet?  Read on to learn more about Soul River Arctic Circle Alaska 2016

You have the opportunity to back inner city youth and veterans on a deployment to the Arctiic. Donate $25 to Soul River Inc’s and receive our Arctic Circle/Alaska patches 2016 deployment limited-edition, commemorative patch! $75 donation will you get you your name listed in our documentary


For More info about Soul River’s journey to Alaska Click Here



Montana Fly Company joins AlaskaGuideList


Always an exciting time to welcome a new sponsor to AlaskaGuideList.  We welcome Montana Fly Company and their wide array of Flies and products specific for Alaskan Guides made them a perfect addition.

MFC produces hand-crafted flies, fly tying accessories and other fly fishing equipment.  With an emphasis on personalized service, the team at MFC draws on decades of experience in designing products featuring innovative patterns made from high quality materials.  Located in the heart of Montana’s fly fishing community, products are field tested by top guides for ultimate quality and performance.  For more information, including a complete product list visit:

Find Montana Fly Company products at your Local Fly Shop.


2016 Bristol Bay River Academy: Apply Today!

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Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy

We are so excited to announce that the application period for the 2016 Bristol Bay Guide Academy is OPEN!

This summer, we’ll be at Mission Lodge learning the basics of fly fishing, outdoor safety, providing a great customer experience, learning about river ecology, and a whole lot more. We have a great crew of instructors lined up, and can’t wait to meet everyone out in the Bay!

Though the Academy is of course a great job training opportunity and a whole lot of FUN, it is also a key piece of working toward a future based on clean rivers, salmon and salmon-based jobs that we seek for Bristol Bay.

Creating jobs and leadership opportunities for Bristol Bay youth helps the local economy, keeps tourism jobs in region, and of course creates lifelong stewards of Bristol Bay’s many rivers. We can’t imagine a better intersection of these goals than the Academy.

We hope you’ll apply or…

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CYJUiKlUEAApzKP has launched for the 2016 Season.

If you are looking for a job in the Fly Fishing Industry this is a great place to start.  From job positions at your local Fly Shop to a summer Guiding the best waters available, time to get your resumes together!

Monic Monday, All Weather, PVC Free and at your local Fly Shop

Monic Fly Fishing has been spitting out lines in Colorado since 1995 and 2016 marks the launch of their Eco Friendly, All Weather, PVC Free Lines.  Find them at your  local Fly Shop.  Take a minute to check out their new site.

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BOULDER, CO – December 29, 2015 – Flow Tek, Inc. of Boulder, manufacturers of Monic Fly Lines since 1995, has launched a completely new website ( to display the updated Monic product line to consumers and dealers.

“The focus of this new website is education on the product line,” states Steve Tatarchuk, Monic Business and Product Manager. “The new fly lines from Monic float higher, last longer, have less memory and are stronger than anything on the market. A new website is the most efficient way to get this information out to anglers and allows us to easily adapt to talking about new developments as they are issued. The eco-friendly nature of our lines and the simplicity of having a line that works in all temperatures is going to need some deeper explanation until consumers latch on. The website allows us to send that message,” adds Tatarchuk.

Monic Fly Lines will only be available for purchase through independent retailers and will not be sold direct through the website. The new site features a dealer locator as well as links to online stores that are authorized to sell the product line.

Monic Fly Lines are fully manufactured in the USA with facilities located at the foot of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. The goal of the business is to create the best fly lines on the market, and give back to fly fishing as much as it gives to its anglers. All Monic fly lines have always been 100 percent PVC-free and are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl or polyurethane.

For more information and dealership inquiries, contact Monic Fly Lines at 303-530-3050 or send an email to


In with the new, Out with the old.

So by now your Holiday festiveness is mid swing with the New Year just around the corner.  Did you get all of that new gear you longed for?  Were you able to add to your growing fly fishing tool bag and upgrade some key items?

Where does your old gear go?

What happens to those old waders that have been replaced? New Fly Line?  Or that trusty old winch that has been replaced with a shiny new rim?

Luckily we have answers to your problems.  Well, we have friends who have answers to your problems.


The dudes over at Winged Reel have teamed up with those filthy fly fishing fools from the Pig Farm Ink gang to start the first program of it’s kind, collecting used gear for Project Healing Waters.  This is one of the coolest collaborations for an absolutely awesome cause.  Click here for all of the details and information on how you can donate your gently used gear that still has plenty of on water life.




Now that you are thinking, “Hey, I haven’t used that reel in a few seasons, this would be an awesome place to send it and help get one of our troops into Fly Fishing.”  But your Fly Line is crap and not gently used.  Don’t throw it away! Upcycle it!



Fly Vines will gladly take your old line and repurpose it into something useable!  Check them out, this is where all of last year’s PVC tapers should go.  Because the Good Lord knows, it isn’t cool to fish with PVC lines and the big man frowns on that kind of behavior.  So be good to the planet and upcycle your lines into Fly Vines!

Finally, the hardest question any angler asks themselves after getting that new pair of Simms waders, do I actually stuff them in the trash can? No, no you don’t.  If you are in Alaska, you cut the feet off and use them to snow blow your driveway or they make wonderful attire when one goes to the dark side and wields their Roe Saber.  But the best option is to recycle those old waders!


Recycled Waders in Seattle has been making our old waders into new gear for years!  Trust me when I say, there are things in your waders that will be in a landfill long into the next millennium.  Give the planet a break and upcycle those leaky, stinky, worn out waders!