No Pebble……yet……get involved……or find another job.

These folks are doing something….can you?

I know you are inundated with ‘No Pebble’ Kool Aid everywhere you turn these days, so I will keep this short and sweet.  If you are standing on the sidelines and you believe in others doing the heavy lifting, then do us all a favor, start looking for another job.  In the end if Pebble digs a crater, spews crap into the watershed, it ain’t just the salmon that are going bye-bye.  You, me, rainbows and everything else that dips their cup in the fountain of Bristol Bay will be gone.

So, GET INVOLVED, spread the word, every little bit helps.

Derek DeYoung Launches new website…puts Alaska on canvas

DeYoung seems to be everywhere these days.  Somebody made a movie about him, people are standing in line to get their boat wrapped with his art.  Hell, the guy even showed up in AK this year.

To tell you the truth, I just can’t seem to get enough of him, well not exactly him, per se.  I pretty much have or have owned everything Simms.
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AlaskaGuideListBlog is LIVE….kind of.

One more facet of the grand scheme is now live and ready to go!  

With the AlaskaGuidelistBlog we are hoping to be able to provide another level of communication and an additional avenue to those of you who prefer this realm of blogging.  Please take a moment to subscribe via e-mail or RSS, this will keep you in the ‘loop’ on all of the latest AlaskaGuideList updates as well as product news.

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