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Alaska Fly Shops

Local Alaskan or visiting our great state in search of adventure, complete listings of local Alaska Fly Shops to help you get all of the advice and gear you need for The Last Frontier.


Unknown-11Scott Rods Can a fly rod have a soul? That might be pushing it, but a fly rod can have a difference, and that difference can change the way we feel about our fishing and even the way we fish. At Scott, we’ve spent almost 40 years working to perfect the design, craftsmanship, and performance of fly rods. Along this journey, we’ve developed a way of doing things that we call The Scott Difference.


Recycled Waders

Turning leaky waders into durable, lightweight, water resistant products.  Made in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Slick In 1989, the DR. SLICK COMPANY was founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality fishing and fly tying tools available.  Designed by fishermen, for fishermen, you’ll find innovative and unique tools to suit your tying and

Dr. Slick Logo

angling needs. Each DR. SLICK instrument we produce undergoes a 6-step inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible, and each instrument carries our logo on it to guarantee that it is the best we have to offer.  If you want precision tools made to last, you’ll want DR. SLICK.


Sitka Gear

A paradigm shift…to engineer gear that is an extension of the outdoor experience and not simply a barrier between the user and the environment. By utilizing only the most advanced fabrics and construction technologies, Sitka will always design gear that is engineered to work together as complete systems, excelling in performance, function, and protection.  Our customers will be able to hunt comfortably in the most diverse and challenging range of hunting conditions.

images-9Umpqua Feather Merchants

Over 40 years of tyin’ flies and tight lines!

In the early 70’s Umpqua Feather Merchants revolutionized the way business was done in the fly fishing industry, particularly in regard to the most indispensable piece of equipment used by every fly fisher…their flies! Few anglers today are aware of the impact Umpqua Feather Merchants has had on their enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing.

Simms Fishing Products


Wherever you fish, you’re going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you’re going to find Simms. Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. What does that mean for someone who’s not a professional guide? Anything that’s designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. Simms. The choice of professional guides. And anyone else who lives to fish.


Flyvines  At Flyvines we hand braid recycled fly line to create lanyards, bracelets, eyewear retainers and other one-of-a-kind fly fishing accessories.

Scientific Anglers

Throughout our 60 year history, Scientific Anglers has consistently set the standard in premier fly-fishing. From inventing the contemporary


floating fly line more than 50 years ago to our specialty core construction and patented AST and Sharkskin

technologies we continue to transform and modernize the sport.  Our angling scientists and design team work in partnership with fly-fishing legends to develop cutting-edge technologies and ultimate fly line designs to boost your fly-fishing experience to the extreme. Whether you are just beginning or an experienced angler our equipment is designed to give you optimum performance with every cast.


 Strip’n Flywear

T-shirts and Hoodies for the Fly Fishing lifestyle.

Fly fishing and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Each of our designs aims to express who we are not just as fly fisherman, but as individuals.  Our T-shirts and hoodies and accessories are handcrafted one design at a time.  We like to think we are the micro-brewery of fly fishing t-shirt design.

Hatch Reels

Hatch Reels Logo

Over the years we’ve met thousands of anglers, attended dozens of shows and events, visited a ton of dealers, listened to the advice of hundreds of guides, met some of the pioneers of our sport and traveled the globe fly fishing. Not too shabby for a couple of overgrown children from SoCal. Through it all one question always comes up: How did it all begin?

alaska fly fishing jobs logo 3


AlaskaFlyFishingJobs.com is dedicated to helping Alaska Fly Fishing businesses connect with potential employees.  Specialty Retailers, Lodges and Guide Services can submit job descriptions for open positions that are posted to our site.  Potential job seekers can submit their resumes to be distributed to employers looking to fill positions.


Product design is the marriage of materials science and engineering with vision, creativity and art. It is the pursuit of product perfection through superior performance, simplicity and grace.


It was a passion for product design combined with a love for sport that formed our company. The Waterworks-Lamson is unique among fly fishing companies. We are not a machine shop selling reels, we are not a marketing company importing products from overseas. Our focus is exclusively on fly fishing products, our expertise and experience is in product design, and we are committed to the highest standards of domestic manufacturing.


West Water Products was spawned from time spent on the water and in the field. Reaching far beyond the end product of catching a fish or bagging a bird, there is something about the surroundings, the memories, and even the smells of these experiences that make them extraordinary. We at WestWater Products are passionate about the
outdoors and are committed to making unique, fun and inspiring products that reflect the beauty of nature and the sports you love. We love what we do and hope you see it in the thoughtful designs and quality goods that go into making each WestWater product.



Buff® performance headwear is all about versatility and simplicity—one garment serves many functions. Designed to offer technical performance and protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities and sports, Buff® models are available in hundreds of designs and styles.

GuideLine Eyegear

Unknown-36 For over a decade, GuideLine Eyegear has been securing eyes on the water. Offering an array of glasses with optimal optical clarity at the forefront, Guideline’s polarized sunglasses deliver at the highest levels. Their Elite series glasses combine the finest components with a nearly indestructible frame to deliver safety and performance on or off the water.


REEL TROUT STUDIO  Hand carved wood fish and fly fishing art by Alaskan artist Eric L. Knowlton of Reel Trout Studio

Specializing in fish mounts of trout, salmon and char.The perfect solution for the catch and release angler- a fish friendly alternative to traditional taxidermy: Carve and Release.


The FishHead app by Nervouswaters Apps Tracks Weather, Stream Flows, Tides and Lunar information all from the palm of your hand.  FishHead organizes, the information by location so that you see all of the pertinent fishing data to make on the water decisions.  It’s also equally effective at your home or at work.  Track the flows of your favorite stream.  Plan your trip around the best tides and look at the latest weather forecasts.  FishHead was designed for both fresh and saltwater anglers.  FishHead covers the globe for saltwater anglers and the United States and it’s territories for freshwater anglers.

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