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IRON FLY: Tonight with Pig Farm Ink and TU Alaska


Reel Happiness: Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit

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A Short Film Focused on Women Anglers in Southeast Alaska

Fly Fishing, Southeast Alaska, Women Anglers: Reel Happiness.  We are excited to support Kayla Roys and Sydney Akagi’s project focusing on women anglers in Southeast.

Kayla and Sydney’s team of Alaskan film producers and female anglers are currently applying to the Trout Unlimited F3T Fly Fishing Grant. This award amount is up to $15,000 that will go towards creating this film. To qualify for this grant we must first raise a percentage of the cost we are asking for, this is where the Kickstarter comes in!

If awarded this grant, the film will be on tour during the 2017 Trout Unlimited film tour to about 100 cities in the United States.

Although the initial goal has been reached, please consider adding additional support to Reel Happiness.  Your support of Alaskan projects not only encourages future projects, but also secures much needed additional funds to help make Reel Happiness a fantastic representation of Alaskan women anglers and will help to offset travel costs.16889a1f4d611b9bbfd3cef8ac443fe9_original

When you support Reel Happiness, you also receive a pretty snazzy Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit T-Shirt design, that by all means captures the spirit of all Alaskan women anglers.

Read More and Support the Reel Happiness Project Here!

Montana Fly Company joins AlaskaGuideList


Always an exciting time to welcome a new sponsor to AlaskaGuideList.  We welcome Montana Fly Company and their wide array of Flies and products specific for Alaskan Guides made them a perfect addition.

MFC produces hand-crafted flies, fly tying accessories and other fly fishing equipment.  With an emphasis on personalized service, the team at MFC draws on decades of experience in designing products featuring innovative patterns made from high quality materials.  Located in the heart of Montana’s fly fishing community, products are field tested by top guides for ultimate quality and performance.  For more information, including a complete product list visit:


Find Montana Fly Company products at your Local Fly Shop.


In with the new, Out with the old.

So by now your Holiday festiveness is mid swing with the New Year just around the corner.  Did you get all of that new gear you longed for?  Were you able to add to your growing fly fishing tool bag and upgrade some key items?

Where does your old gear go?

What happens to those old waders that have been replaced? New Fly Line?  Or that trusty old winch that has been replaced with a shiny new rim?

Luckily we have answers to your problems.  Well, we have friends who have answers to your problems.


The dudes over at Winged Reel have teamed up with those filthy fly fishing fools from the Pig Farm Ink gang to start the first program of it’s kind, collecting used gear for Project Healing Waters.  This is one of the coolest collaborations for an absolutely awesome cause.  Click here for all of the details and information on how you can donate your gently used gear that still has plenty of on water life.




Now that you are thinking, “Hey, I haven’t used that reel in a few seasons, this would be an awesome place to send it and help get one of our troops into Fly Fishing.”  But your Fly Line is crap and not gently used.  Don’t throw it away! Upcycle it!



Fly Vines will gladly take your old line and repurpose it into something useable!  Check them out, this is where all of last year’s PVC tapers should go.  Because the Good Lord knows, it isn’t cool to fish with PVC lines and the big man frowns on that kind of behavior.  So be good to the planet and upcycle your lines into Fly Vines!

Finally, the hardest question any angler asks themselves after getting that new pair of Simms waders, do I actually stuff them in the trash can? No, no you don’t.  If you are in Alaska, you cut the feet off and use them to snow blow your driveway or they make wonderful attire when one goes to the dark side and wields their Roe Saber.  But the best option is to recycle those old waders!


Recycled Waders in Seattle has been making our old waders into new gear for years!  Trust me when I say, there are things in your waders that will be in a landfill long into the next millennium.  Give the planet a break and upcycle those leaky, stinky, worn out waders!









Out of Alaska Groove Rings Launches on Kickstarter


Groove Ring Logo white bkgrnd10712a91113104678a068debd5ebe5e4_original

We really enjoy this whole Crowd Funding thing going on these days, especially when they are close to home or involve things we love to do.  I will admit, Groove Ring was a real head scratcher when Peter Goodwin from The General Lodge reached out to me with a sneak peek at the product.  I gave it the courteous once over and continued scratching my head.

I don’t wear rings.  I lose them.  One is at the bottom of the Gallatin, luckily without my finger2386d542d02f339058f6c9953fe4e33b_original attached after a near death boating accident.  Yes, you can drown on the Gallatin, I almost proved it.  The next ring flew off my hand in a Fly Shop and was never seen again.

Now Groove Ring comes into the picture.  I read and re-read and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.   Technology that attaches to your finger has been born….Read on about Groove Ring.








You can support Groove Ring right now through their Kickstarter Campaign.  Finally, give the video short below a watch, hilariously great and paints the picture why Groove Ring is going to be around for a long time.






Simms Dominates IFTD 2014 with 7 ‘Best of Show’ Awards


Screenshot 2014-07-19 16.52.31

This past week we saw some awesome new products come out of ICAST-IFTD 2014.  Simms Fishing once again stole the show with 7 “Best of Show awards”.  This follows the performance from 2013 that awarded Simms 5 ‘Best of Show’ awards.

Hard to argue that Simms is the prevalent brand in Alaska, both for Specialty Retailers, Professional Guides and Lodges.  The quality, durability and design keep Simms as the preferred choice for professionals in Alaska.  2015 no doubt will continue the brand’s dominance not only in Alaska but the lower 48 waterways as well.

Below is a quick recap of the new products from Simms that garnered the awards and the dates they will be available through your local Simms Specialty Retailer.

Men’s Waders- Freestone Z Wader (Feb 2015)

Women’s Waders- Freestone Wader (Feb 2015)

Men’s Outerwear- G4 Pro Jacket (July 2014)

Women’s Outerwear- Guide Jacket (July 2014)

Wading Boots- RiverTek II BOA (Nov 2014)

Men’s General Apparel- Confluence Reversible (July 2014)

Women’s General Apparel- Solar Flex (Nov 2014)