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IRON FLY: Tonight with Pig Farm Ink and TU Alaska


Reel Happiness: Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit

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A Short Film Focused on Women Anglers in Southeast Alaska

Fly Fishing, Southeast Alaska, Women Anglers: Reel Happiness.  We are excited to support Kayla Roys and Sydney Akagi’s project focusing on women anglers in Southeast.

Kayla and Sydney’s team of Alaskan film producers and female anglers are currently applying to the Trout Unlimited F3T Fly Fishing Grant. This award amount is up to $15,000 that will go towards creating this film. To qualify for this grant we must first raise a percentage of the cost we are asking for, this is where the Kickstarter comes in!

If awarded this grant, the film will be on tour during the 2017 Trout Unlimited film tour to about 100 cities in the United States.

Although the initial goal has been reached, please consider adding additional support to Reel Happiness.  Your support of Alaskan projects not only encourages future projects, but also secures much needed additional funds to help make Reel Happiness a fantastic representation of Alaskan women anglers and will help to offset travel costs.16889a1f4d611b9bbfd3cef8ac443fe9_original

When you support Reel Happiness, you also receive a pretty snazzy Messy Hair Stubborn Spirit T-Shirt design, that by all means captures the spirit of all Alaskan women anglers.

Read More and Support the Reel Happiness Project Here!

Tippets and Tales: One on One with Zeb Tonkavich


Great interview with one of our favorite custom rod creators, Zeb Tonkavich, better known to some as ‘Snowman’ on the Tippets and Tales blog.

If you are into custom rods or know Snowman’s work, you will really dig this look into what makes Zeb tick.


 Tippets and Tales: One on One with Zeb Tonkavich

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Fly Fishing Mystery Wednesday

Can you name the publication,

who ran this image as part of a campaign to gain new readers for their magazine?

Screenshot 2014-10-07 19.05.17

Answer: Playboy Magazine, 1981

“What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?”

The sort of man who wants to do whatever he does as well as he can–and have fun at it.  He is as much at home fishing under a big sky as he is in a chic restaurant.  He is productive in any setting.  He plans, but he isn’t a slave to ritual; there is a keen sense of adventure that keeps him on the move.  As a Playboy reader, he responds to the advice the magazine provides, advice that makes him a winning competitor.


Big Gulp: How Often Do Trout and Grayling Eat Mammals?

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By Matt Miller, senior science writer

A shrew, hunting insects along a stream bank, slips into the icy water. It swims frantically to reach shore, using all its energy to stay afloat.

Just as it appears the small critter might make it, an almost imperceptible ripple appears. And then the water explodes…..READ ON HERE

AlaskaFlyFishingJobs.com: Mountain View Sports 1 Opening Fishing Department

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See job posting Here