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IRON FLY: Tonight with Pig Farm Ink and TU Alaska


Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Launches New Web Site

Screenshot 2015-04-22 13.29.27


Always great to see local, Alaskan grown small businesses’, making a big splash.

Alaska Fly Fishing Goods in Juneau has launched their revamped website and it is nothing short of next level awesome.  Tons of great content pertaining to all things fly fishing in Alaska.

Take our advice, work will still be there when you get back from checking it out.

Support the local Fly Shop and #FlyShopSmall



Blood Knots: Our Two Hands



“Salmon are part of the natural commons; they belong to all of us, and we have a shared responsibility to ensure their persistence. This collective responsibility can bring citizens of a community together for a common purpose.”

-Jim Lichatowich

One of the great things about the evolution of our modern existence is the ability to connect with those near and far.  Social Media has opened doors and created relationships that in the past, could have taken years to align.

Our gift from Blood Knots for contributing to their Kickstarter Campaign, Our Two Hands. Flies dressed by Skyler Nelson.
Our gift from Blood Knots for contributing to their Kickstarter Campaign, Our Two Hands. Flies dressed by Skyler Nelson.

Blood Knots‘ Kickstarter campaign for ‘Our Two Hands‘ was one of the few crowd funded campaigns we participated in during the 2014 season. If you get a few moments today, check out Blood Knots and see what they are doing, we are sure you see more of their work in the future.

Also don’t miss the “Our Two Hands” teaser below.

Blood Knots “Our Two Hands” Contributing Sponsors.





Not into fly fishing? Don’t know how to tie flies? You tie 23 dozen flies a day? You can’t cast a mile? You can cast 2 miles? You wear waders? Do you like to make friends? You live and breath fly fishing 26 hours a day and 9 days a week? You live some place that has water and fish?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.  Perfect.  Be There:


May Fly of The Month: Hieronymus’ Clone

Clone, grey


The Clone is a significant name of value when it comes to salmon smolt.  Millions of Smolt begin their life’s journey by heading out to the high seas with their first big obstacle waiting patiently for them.  Terns Alaska Rainbows wait patiently for this migration to begin and when it does your pattern better be a clone.

You can find Hieronymus’ Clone at any of Umpqua Feather Merchants specialty retailers.

In Alaska? Find them Here!

bigassbow on haymaker flesh Umpqua Signature Fly Designer Mark Hieronymus is going to be a big feature this year.  2014 marks the first year Mark’s patterns are available to those outside of Alaska.  We have worked with Mark for over 8 years representing and fishing his patterns throughout Alaska.

Based in Juneau, Mark splits his time guiding, fishing, tying and holding down a position with Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program as the Sportfish Outreach Coordinator for Southeast Alaska.

Stay Tuned for more on Mark in the coming months as we focus on many of his patterns that will put the tug in your choice of drug.



As we wander about in our daily lives, it is not often that you come across something that not only makes total sense, but also calls you to throw in a helping hand.  There are so many fantastic organizations that people can get involved in to make a difference, unfortunately few have the staying power to accomplish the goal.

The Fly Fishing Collaborative has been gaining speed in our community and we couldn’t help but want to get involved.  We hope that you take a few minutes to explore the Fly Fishing Collaborative and are as inclined as we were to give them a hand.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 11.34.57

“Every $10,000 we raise will provide a totally sustainable tilapia farm that will be built for an orphanage in order to provide them with food, income, water, and fresh produce. Additionally, this will empower their leaders to care for more children that would otherwise be sold into slavery.”

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/91683086″>fly fishing collaborative</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/ipratt”>Ian Pratt</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


How Can You Help?

1.  Help spread the word.  Follow and share the Fly Fishing Collaborative’s Social Media, Web and Videos.  INSTAGRAMFACEBOOKWEBSITEVIDEOS

2.  Tie Flies? -Donated classic steelhead & salmon flies. We need more help from signature tyers around the globe to keep our custom leather wallets filled and available for purchase.  Donate HERE.

3.  Fly Fishing Guide?  The Fly Fishing Collaborative welcomes any additional trip opportunities from guides willing to donate a trip to help raise funds. See more HERE.

4.  Purchase a Custom Leather Fly Wallet, HERE.




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