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Big Gulp: How Often Do Trout and Grayling Eat Mammals?

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By Matt Miller, senior science writer

A shrew, hunting insects along a stream bank, slips into the icy water. It swims frantically to reach shore, using all its energy to stay afloat.

Just as it appears the small critter might make it, an almost imperceptible ripple appears. And then the water explodes…..READ ON HERE

Bass move North, Arctic Grayling head South: Alaska Retailers & Lodges Scramble to find source for soft baits.

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The recent Alaskan rumor that the ‘under construction’ Bass Pro Shops in Anchorage is not only your one-stop for everything Bass in Alaska, but is also somehow controlling the weather, may be true.

Warming trends have pushed Grayling as far South as South Andros.  The people of Wasilla rejoice as Bass Boats will become vogue and they know where to get them.

A recent article in BASS Magazine about the new potential fishery of Bass in Alaska, quoted a local Alaskan Retailer “I just wish I knew more about Bass, do they go to the ocean and spawn?”

Next week we’ll talk about the recent hot topic in Alaska- Hatchery Bonefish, will they harm our wild stocks?

#TheGraylingParade: A Procession with “The Lady of the Stream”


You win people of Grayling, Michigan.  You can have what you always wanted.   The hash tag, grayling.  Although we, speaking as ‘The Lady of the Stream’ herself, outnumber you, we now have our own parade.  Please, if you do happen to have a parade downtown Grayling, don’t rain on ours.

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Check out these awesome Grayling photos from Aaron O’Leary, Angler’s Obsession and Jordan Gill, Seacat Creative. Continue reading #TheGraylingParade: A Procession with “The Lady of the Stream”