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Soul River Runs Deep: Arctic Circle Alaska


Arctic Circle & Alaska Cross-Cultural Science Expedition 2016


 Outdoor Leadership | STEAM | Fly Fishing | Culture & Community

What does it look like to take some of our community’s most at-risk youth to one of the most at-risk areas of our planet Earth? What would happen if we gave a life-altering experience that creates paradigm shift for a young mind thus resulting in a strong voice of advocacy for the future of protecting our planet?  Read on to learn more about Soul River Arctic Circle Alaska 2016

You have the opportunity to back inner city youth and veterans on a deployment to the Arctiic. Donate $25 to Soul River Inc’s and receive our Arctic Circle/Alaska patches 2016 deployment limited-edition, commemorative patch! $75 donation will you get you your name listed in our documentary


For More info about Soul River’s journey to Alaska Click Here




“Our Two Hands” by Blood Knots Fly Fishing Launches on Kickstarter

Super stoked to see Blood Knots Fly Fishing launch their Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for their new flick.

“An examination of fisher-people in pursuit of Salmonids with a swung fly and their collective desire to ensure the species survival.”

Check out the Kickstarter page or on the Blood Knots website to see the rewards for supporting the film.  Simms Fishing, Echo Fly Fishing, Airflo Lines, art by Greg Pearson, Dec Hogan Autographed copy of a ‘Passion for Steelhead’, to name a few.  Our favorite reward is a 1/2 dozen of Skyler Nelson’s Married Wing Spey Flies.

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